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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by Lev Landau, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Lev Landau New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I just saw the phrase 悸动的情感 in some online articles. Google Translate told me that it means Throbbing Emotion, which makes no sense to me. I tried some dictionaries but had no luck because they too explained the meaning of 悸动 as throbbing/pulsating. Can someone please give me a proper English translation of that phrase?

    Thank you very much.
  2. ridgemao Senior Member

    This word is not used in daily conversation, it generally means a strong emotion . You'd better give some context here.
  3. Lev Landau New Member

    Thank you! Below are some sentences which contain 悸动的情感 I found on the Internet:

    - 若人生能找到属于自己的那份美好,纯真,悸动的情感,那该是怎样一种美丽啊!

    - 它唤醒了我内心深埋着的复杂而悸动的情感,让我感到,这个男人是可以信任的。

    I know it probably means an emotional flutter of some sort, but I really want to know a proper English translation of it, i.e one which sounds natural to native English speakers.
  4. Skatinginbc

    Skatinginbc Senior Member

    Mandarin 國語
    悸动的情感 reminds me of "heartthrob" (i.e., a passionate or sentimental emotion). In the sentence "找到属于自己的那份美好,纯真,悸动的情感", 悸动的情感 seems to refer to "the object of a person's infatuation", a definition carried by "heartthrob" as well.
    悸动的情感 in 复杂而悸动的情感 calls for two separate words (Adj + N) due to parallelism between 复杂 (adj) and 悸动. So I have "heart-throbbing passion" in mind.
    I'll leave that part to somebody else.
  5. lafty New Member

    Hi,I would say it means “pulsatile love”
    FYI:It is kind of complex and subtle emotions which is more applicable to describe love. An young girl/boy likely have 悸动的情感 when she/he has a crush on a handsome boy/charming Girl

    Hope it will help you.
  6. rilaks New Member

    It's not a common phrase.
    Don't waste your time on this kind of phrases.
  7. avlee

    avlee Senior Member

    Suzhou, China
    Chinese - P.R.C.
    Athrob, throbbing.

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