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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by Sammo, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Sammo Senior Member


    Hi, guys.

    If someone is leaving and says goodbye, what does it mean if the other person says this? Is it like asking the person not to leave?

  2. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    It's like saying "Take care", "All the best" in English.
    (慢走 literally means "walk slowly" but can now be translated as "Goodbye!")
  3. viajero_canjeado Senior Member

    English - Southeastern USA
    In addition to 小理解‘s translations, another way to say it is "be safe" or "drive safe". In Chinese you can also say 騎慢一點, like if the person you're talking to is about to ride a bike or a scooter. Also 騎車小心 even more so conveys the idea of being careful.
  4. linglin66 Junior Member

    We also say 走好。 And to people who drive, you can say 慢点儿开 or 开车慢点儿,both mean drive safe
  5. snooprun

    snooprun Senior Member

    It's a bit like cheers, I guess.
  6. Sammo Senior Member

    Thanks a lot, fellas! :)
  7. baosheng Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Is 慢走 an expression which is only used if you are the "host" opposed to the "guest"? For example, I am renting a room in a house. My landlord comes to visit to collect rent, etc, every month. When he is leaving, would it be appropriate to say "慢走" to him? (he's Chinese) I think I said it once, but then afterwards felt a bit odd because I don't own this house (and therefore am not really a "host" but a "guest). Is this expression still OK in this context? (one person staying, one person leaving)
  8. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    I think it's fine in your situation to say "慢走", baosheng. You're kind of "host" here.
  9. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese
    It's perfectly fine for your to say "慢" because he was walking, literally, away from you (while you stayed put in your room).
  10. baosheng Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Thanks, xiaolijie and BODYholic, for your replies!
  11. Youngfun

    Youngfun Senior Member

    Pekino, Ĉinujo
    Chinese/Italian - bilingual
    I think 慢走 and 走好 are much "more Chinese" greetings than 再见 and especially 拜拜。:)

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