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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by Yuca007, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Yuca007 Senior Member


    So I was wondering, does 我太痒了 mean:
    a. "I'm too ticklish."
    b. "It tickles too much." (only implying that I'm the one suffering from the tickling)

    In the scene, the person who calls out 我太痒了 is being tickled throughout the rest of the dialogue. (I know. It seems a bit silly, given the word I'm asking about. But it's still a linguistic question to me.)

  2. SuperXW Senior Member

    I don't think I really understand the question.
    But the sentence literally means "I (feel) too ticklish."
  3. Ghabi

    Ghabi Moderator

    Cantonese (Hong Kong)
    Hello. 我太痒了/我痒死了 is "it tickles too much". "I'm too ticklish" would be 我太怕痒了/我最怕痒/我受不了痒 etc.
  4. Green6 Junior Member

    Wu - Chinese
    answer "b" is the correct translation.
  5. Yuca007 Senior Member

    Thanks for clearing it up!
  6. SuperXW Senior Member

    My answer was not good. Ignore it. :D

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