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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by Yuca007, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Yuca007 Senior Member


    The phone rings. The husband asks: 谁接?
    The wife says: 我接吧。我接保险一些。

    What puzzles me about it is the grammatical relation between 接 and 保险. Does she mean "I'll answer (the phone), just to be sure"? If so, why is it expressed in this way? Or does she mean to say that it's safer if she answers?
    Secondly, what does 一些 mean in this context? Is there a proper difference between 一点 and 一些? I've seen 一些 before and could never quite see how it is handled.

  2. spammehere Junior Member

    It means "I will answer the phone and won't cause any problem"
    Maybe the husband is rude to the caller, or whatelse
    一点 and 一些 are the same in this case
  3. SuperXW Senior Member

    接 is the verb we use for "answer (a phone call)".
    我接保险一些。 = 我接的话,会保险一些。/ 如果我接,会比较保险。 "I answer, (and it will be) safer (less possible to cause trouble)."
    保险 means "safe" here. Here it indicates "won't cause trouble".
    保险一些: "more safe" -> "safer".
    You can also say 保险一点. The difference between 一点 and 一些 only exists on their degree of feelings. 一点 "a few / a little", 一些 "some".
    So when the wife say 保险一些, the feeling would be a little bit "safer" than 保险一点.
    But 一点 and 一些 don't have any difference on structures. There meanings are pretty close too, so they are often interchangeable.
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  4. Yuca007 Senior Member

    OK, so would it be right to translate it like this? "My answering (the phone) is a bit safer" and 保险 functions as an adjective? :)
  5. SuperXW Senior Member

    Yes, 保险 should be considered as an adjective here.
    I think your translation is good enough, only it should be in future tense.

    Also, in our minds, we prefer to understand the sentence in the following way: "(If) I answer, (the situation) will be a bit safer."
    Because 如果(if) is often omitted in Chinese.

    We usually won't understand the structure as "My answering will be a bit safer." Because we rarely use the "doing" form indicating such a thing.
    If you say "my answering", we would understand it as "我的接听" or "我的...", which is rather strange to Chinese structure.

    By the way, we use 一些/一点 in the following two ways:
    1. 一些 + noun = some...
    2. adjective + 一些 = more...
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  6. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    Let me do it. It'll be safer!
  7. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese
    In real life, do insert a slight pause between 接 and 保险 when you speak. i.e. 我接 / 保险一些。
    If you find it difficult to time the pause, you may rephrase as such - 保险一些我接.

    As mentioned earlier, this is a short/colloquial for "会比较保险一些"
  8. Yuca007 Senior Member

    I thought so; that "my answering" translation was only meant to illustrate what sentence structure is behind it literally.

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