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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by lautaro, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. lautaro

    lautaro Senior Member

    Mediolanum, Italia
    Español chileno, Italiano del nord
    By this sentence I wanted to express my great surprise in seeing that, despite you said you had not much money this month, you bought a new dress anyway. My teacher said this sentence is not correct because after 原来 a reason to explain the main sentence is required. She also said that maybe I wanted to mean the opposite and she suggested
    你不是说这个月你没钱了吗?怎么买了新衣服?cutting out the construction I wanted to use...:(

    不满意!没有一个机会用 ”我说。。。怎么那么。。。,原来。。。“?
    我想说︰ 尽管你说你没有钱但是你买一件衣服!

  2. tarlou Senior Member

    I don't quite understand the question.

    To construct a sentence, you can try 我说你最近怎么那么节俭呢,原来这个月工资都买了新衣服了。 (I just found out why you are so frugal recently, the reason is that you have spent you salary of this month on new clothes.)
  3. zhg Senior Member

    You teacher's suggustion is good but if you insist using this pattern to make a sentence, I think you will need an adjective after 怎么那么 .
  4. lautaro

    lautaro Senior Member

    Mediolanum, Italia
    Español chileno, Italiano del nord
    Thank you zhg,
    you are right, actually she said that it should be 怎么那么+ADJ and 怎么+VERB.
  5. Dragonseed Senior Member

    France - French
    Lautaro, I think what you mean is "本来你不是说这个月没钱的吗?" (actually, I would rather use a slightly different order:"本来不是说这个月没钱的吗?")
  6. txyuan New Member

    Hi lautaro, based on your explanation, you want to emphasis on how surprise you are. But this pattern usually is used to explain the reason. If you really want to put ”我说。。。怎么那么。。。,原来。。。“ into your sentence, you can say "我说你怎么买了一件新的衣服,你原来不是告诉我这个月没有钱吗?". However, this is different from your main purpose.
  7. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese
    Your original sentence is not idiomatic.

    Is "那么" an option? Because it makes a lot of different difference in your sentence. Please refer to post #4.

    An example for ”我说。。。怎么那么。。。,原来。。。“ would be "我说怎么那么寒酸,就只买一件内衣。原来工资还没发。"
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2013

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