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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by Nicodi2, May 5, 2013.

  1. Nicodi2

    Nicodi2 Senior Member

    Dear friends of the forum,

    How do you understand the above sentence ? I think the grammar is a little bit confusing in there...

    Context :

    拉风是什么意思 ?

    拉风当然不是天不刮风用手拉,也不是放屁的另一种说法 (...)

    Hope this context is enough, do not hesitate to mention it if otherwise,


  2. tarlou Senior Member

    拉风 means "cool". The sentence has nothing to do with this meaning, it's saying 拉风 are not two other meanings.

    Put it simple:
    拉风 is certainly not "pull wind" ("pull" in Chinese is 拉, "wind" in Chinese is 风), nor it is "poo wind" (the verb poo in Chinese is 拉, e.g. 拉屎.)

    A full translation:
    拉风 is certainly not using hand to pull when there is no wind, it is not another way of saying "fart" either.

    Maybe this phrase is difficult: 天不刮风用手拉=(When) God(?) does not blow wind, use hand to pull
  3. colum4 Senior Member

    1 "你要是穿这身衣服出去肯定特别拉风"
    2 "今天你投中的那个三分球真是太拉风了 "
    3 "我今天的表现是不是很拉风?"

    由此可知,"拉风"是表示"很帅","很酷" ,"很棒","吸引人眼球"这类意思的,它并没有一个固定的意思,但是它能表示一类意思,就像我上面所写的那几个意思,它都可以表示。

  4. depaul93 New Member

    Chinese Mandarin
    拉风 means your behavior, your clothes etc... is very "cool"

    has nothing to do with 拉(pull) or 风(wind)
  5. lisawang New Member

    “拉风"sometimes means that someone's behavior is different with others, so he/she will catch ones eyes
  6. cici_suk New Member

    En fait,ça signifie que c'est à la mode et cool.
  7. lisawang New Member

    Not really, sometimes it means fashion or cool, but sometimes it means someone's behavior is quite strange that you may could not help laughing. In short, “拉风" means someone is quite stand out of the commons because of his/her cool/strange behavior

    Maybe an example can help you understand what I mean. You see, when a person wear a red coat, but the rest of you all wear a white coat, we can also say she/he is "拉风". Am I explain clear?
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  8. JIAKE New Member


    It is said that the word "拉风" originated in Shanghai, and had been used among young people generally in Taiwan in the 1980's. This noun actually comes from the pronunciation of a French glasses brand named LAFONT. The fashionable of Shanghai Tang ardently love it before liberation, "拉风" is a transliteration Shanghai dialect.

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  9. depaul93 New Member

    Chinese Mandarin
    tu as raison

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