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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by alejandro123, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. alejandro123 Junior Member

    Today I came across these sentence 今天阳光超级漂亮!加上十楼的整遍雪景!And what got my attention in here is the word 整遍. I'm not sure if I uderstand it correctly. Is it a combination of two words 整个 and 遍地? And what exactly it means here? Can I change it with 到处 or 遍地?
  2. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    Can you tell us where you got the sentences? Who wrote them? Give us the context or information that can help us to help you.
    (My guess is 整遍 is a typo)
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  3. SuperXW Senior Member

    We need the context here. 整遍 should be a typo. 整片 is more likely the case. 片 is the correct measure word for 景. i.e. 一片景色.
  4. alejandro123 Junior Member

    But there is no context :p expect a view from a window, posted on a facebook. Maybe he just typed a wrong character and this misleaded me.

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