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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by jinxnao, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. jinxnao Senior Member

    turkey turkish
    can you give me the translation of this sentence? I can not construct :)
  2. zhg Senior Member

    Snowden gave the record of U.S. hacking HK computers.
    I have never seen 中港 before, so I am not sure if It stands for 中国香港

    Edit: I just did a google search it seems to mean both Mainland and HK
    中国和香港(I sense there is a political incorrectness,as if the author was indicating that HK was another independent country)

    HK stands for Hong Kong(香港)
    It was oringally written in a passive voice.受=受到=被 Computers from Mainland China and HK have been hacked by U.S. Intelligence Agency

    Yes it is
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  3. jinxnao Senior Member

    turkey turkish
    what is HK ? I can not understand what does mean here ?
    So what is task of here exactly? is it "by"?
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  4. SuperXW Senior Member

    HK=Hong Kong=香港.
    中港=中国和香港, China & Hong Kong.
    Although considered "political incorrect" in Mainland China, the term 中港 is often used by Hong Kongers and Hong Kong media.

    受 indicates a "passive voice". You can usually translate it as "suffer..." or "be ...ed".
    e.g. 攻击 attack;
    受攻击 suffer attacks; be attacked
    受美国攻击 suffer US's attacks; be attacked by US.

    斯诺登 / 提供 / [中港电脑受美国攻击]记录 。
    Snowden / provides / [China and Hong Kong computers being attacked by US] record.
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  5. jinxnao Senior Member

    turkey turkish
    What does liangdi here mean?
  6. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    It was mentioned earlier that 中港 refers to Mainland China and Hong Kong. So, 两地 here means the two places/ two countries. 中港两地 is therefore a more elaborate reference to Mainland China and Hong Kong.

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