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有点(儿) / 一点(儿)

本文由 abigail2942011-07-22 发表於 "中文+方言 (Chinese)" 讨论区

  1. abigail294 Banned

    我肚子有点痛。 一点 x
    我想吃一点饭。 有点 x
    这道菜有点辣。 一点 x

    I just gave a few examples, but I still don't know in which case you can use 有点 or 一点, is there a big difference? In which case can you use them both?
  2. Gurulu New Member

    China - Mandarin
    In my opinion,

    有点 means have some...
    一点 means a little, some

    When you need a verb to construct a sentence, you need use 有点. If you need an adjective/pronoun/noun, you can use 一点.
  3. philosophia85 Junior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    有点 here is used when you say something has some quality. 一点 is when you indicate a small quantity.
  4. jeffyyko Junior Member

    ShenZhen China
    hi abigail294

    “有点“and”一点“ ,which the meaning of two words just a little same .

    mostly, there are have quite different at sometime

    do you have some to eat, I am so hungry

    B:我有点吃的。 It is correct
    B:我一点吃的。 It is incorrect ,but you can say 我有一点吃的。

    有点、一点、有一点 There are different .
  5. SuperXW Senior Member

    I agree with Gurulu. It's not very hard if you realize 有 itself is a verb means "have".
    In your examples, if you replace 有点 with 一点, the verb would be missing. If you replace 一点 with 有点, you'll find two verbs in the sentence.

    点 itself is a short form of 一点, which means a little/a few/some.
    Simply speaking,
    点=一点=a little/a few/some
    有点=有一点=have a little/a few/some.
  6. sisuer Junior Member

    Hi, abigail294. I would consider "有点" as an adverb meaning "to some extent" and "一点" as an adjective meaning " a little bit".
  7. SuperXW Senior Member

    Sisuer and philosophia85 seemed to have a similar opinion. I think what they were saying was generally true, but not always.

    Consider: 我有(一)点水,你喝吧。 I have some water. You may drink it.
    -have some :tick: -to some extend :cross:

    But they also reminded me that my analysis was not always true either.

    他成绩有(一)点差。 His school result is a little bit bad.
    -is to some extend :tick: -have some :cross:

    有(一)点想吃饭。 I kind of want to have lunch.
    -to some extend :tick: -have some :cross:

    To sum up, I think 有(一)点 has two meanings: "have/is some" OR "to some extend". It depends on the context.