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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by JapanForever, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. JapanForever Senior Member

    Hi there,
    I would like some help about the meaning of this sentence.

    本笃对妹妹的关心是显而易见的,这并没有什么错,本来也属于正常的人类情感,不过由于他对妹妹倾注了太多的关爱,外加进入战场后很长一段时间之内他 都小看着魔女,根本没把莉泽罗忒当回事,因此中了莉泽罗忒的幻灯结界后,直接就被自己妹妹惨死的假象所迷惑,最终战死殉职

    That's a biography of a character from visual novel (so every litteral translation are allowed about magic) However my question is: according to the sentence, the character 本笃 has a sister. I wonder about something: how the character feels about his sister? It seems he cares for her but I'm unsure according to the following sentence ,不过由于他对妹妹倾注了太多的关爱,外加进入战场后很长一段时间之内他 都小看着魔女,根本没把莉泽罗忒当回事,因此中了莉泽罗忒的幻灯结界后,直接就被自己妹妹惨死的假象所迷惑,最终战死殉职. So overall how does he care for her?
  2. zhg Senior Member

    I'll say his love for his sister is so overwhelming that it's been used by his enemy and cost his own life, eventually.
    I feel that maybe, just maybe, you are misled by the word "不过" thinking what is said after 不过 is the contrary of what the first sentence before the first comma says (However I believe it should be a full stop) but the truth is it's not. Instead it's more of a transition of the sentence 这并没有什么错 ,by which the author implies that he or she thinks 本笃's overwhelming lover for his sister is the cause of his own death and definetly a mistake.
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  3. JapanForever Senior Member

    I see...So that wasn't the contrary of the sentence? By the way I didn't really understand the first sentence before 不过. Cna you translate for me please?
  4. 维尼爱蜂蜜 Junior Member

    his care for his sister is obvious. there is nothing wrong about that. it's normal human emotion (not sure how to translate 情感,maybe affection or feeling?). but as he devoted too much love for his sister and had been underestimating 魔女, never taking her seriously,…
  5. 维尼爱蜂蜜 Junior Member

    魔女and 莉泽罗忒is one and the same girl. 妹妹is another. did you get that? i think that might be why you get confused.
  6. JapanForever Senior Member

    Yes mate. That's two girls actually yes...So the witch used his feeling for his sister against him? By the way, what does 因此中了莉泽罗忒的幻灯结界后,直接就被自己妹妹惨死的假象所迷惑,最终战死殉职 mean?
  7. zhg Senior Member

    What's after 不过 is not the contrary of 爱是显而易见的 but the transition of 这并没有什么错。
    As for the translation :So when he was trapped by her magic ,he was befuddled by the fake image of his sister's death (leading to several impulsive or even irrational behaviors due to his overwhelming love for his sister and the underestimation of his enemy )and eventually got himself killed

    I don't know which word or phrase is troubling you or is that you understand every single word but fail to catch the meaning of the whole sentence?
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  8. JapanForever Senior Member

    I just wondered because the translation meant that his care wasn't a wrong thing and it belonged to human emotion but I wondered about 不过actually. Now I think it's understood

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