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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by An0n0m0us, May 7, 2013.

  1. An0n0m0us New Member

    Hi everyone, ive been stuck on this for ages now, ive been trying to translate it myself with no success at all using NJStar so i was hoping you guys could help me with it?
    Ive attached the image below, if you would be so kind as you translate it into English i would be so grateful.
    Thanks in advanced.

  2. An0n0m0us New Member

    Sorry i didn't realize that the site re sizes images and makes them so small, here is a direct link to the image, hope someone can help me with this :)

  3. Tonky Senior Member

    Please tell how much you understood so far and which part you are having a problem with.
  4. An0n0m0us New Member

    Thanks for the reply :) to be honest all i really got from it was Dear Sir before i gave up the way i was trying to translate it, not understanding Japanese at all dose not really help i guess, what would be the human translation for it if you don't mind translating it for me.
  5. Tonky Senior Member

    Dear Masako, Masako is a woman's name, not Sir
    The reproduction (copy) of the manga character you drew for me in my early childhood.
    That one piece of your work has brought me
    thus far (to the position of a professional manga artist).
    Thank you for letting me draw manga freely.
  6. An0n0m0us New Member

    Thanks a million, hopefully i can get more of a grip on the language so i dont have to keep bothering nice people like you :) thanks again Tonky!

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