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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by xiaolijie, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    (I know that this word is often used as a slang towards people, and my question is not about this meaning.)

    What I'd like to know is its meaning in the context of photography. Does it mean "kit lens"? ( A "kit lens" is a cheap lens that comes with the purchase of a camera.) I often see 狗头 listed with (the name of) a camera such as in the examples below:

    50D+狗头 ("50D" is the name of a Canon camera)
    佳能550D 狗头套机

    我的鸡头和狗头 (And what is 鸡头? Does it mean "camera body"?)

    Thank you!
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  2. Wesley To Junior Member

    Cantonese - Hong Kong Style
    I know nothing about photography. This is from the web.
    I still can't figure out what a 鸡头is after doing some reading.
  3. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member

    I also found some information on the Internet. It seems that 狗头 refers to low-performance lenses (and 牛头 for high-performance lenses), so it could be the cheap kit lens, but I found some other "standards" in this Q&A.

    As for 鸡头, it refers to 专业卡片机(professional compact digital cameras), while its counterpart, 凤尾, is 入门级单反(entry-level digital SLR cameras). Here's the article.
  4. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie MOD

    English (UK)
    Thank you, Wesley! So it is as I guessed :)
    I like this expression "能吧人头拍成狗头". Nowadays if you have money, you can buy lenses that 能吧狗头拍成人头! :rolleyes:

    Edit: Thanks Lucia! For some reason, we tend to post at around the same time :)
  5. Wesley To Junior Member

    Cantonese - Hong Kong Style
    My bad! I think it should be "能把人头拍成狗头".
    As for the 鸡头 and 凤尾 used in the article, they remind me of 宁为鸡头,不为凤尾. I am not sure whether they are used in this sense. After all, I have mentioned I know nothing about photography.

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