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畜産品 / animal husbandry

Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by MeryllB, May 22, 2013.

  1. MeryllB Senior Member

    French -France
    Dear all,

    I am now helping to proofread the English version of a Japanese foodstuff importer's website, and I have difficulties with translating the term 畜産品 (in English : "animal husbandry").
    Basically this category summarizes all the sorts of meat they import that are issued from farming. It would exclude game like feasan for example. They list foie gras, pork meat, duck meat, beef and processed products like ham.
    Other categories are seafood, fruits&vegetables&truffles&pickles (which are categorized as 農産品, still looking for a good translation on that one), cakes etc.

    Would just "meat" be acceptable? (there is no other meat category)
    Maybe "farmed meat"? It doesn't sound very appealing... "meat from the farm"? Might be a stretch here since all of those producers do not slaughter themselves so technically the meat is from a big regional slaugtherhouse, not "from the farm" which could falsely lead readers to believe that this meat is issued form small-scaled, biological farms that handle everything themselves from birth to slaugther.

    I am at sea here, thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Tonky Senior Member

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  3. frequency

    frequency Senior Member

    Tokyo, Japan
    Yes they're eventually animal's meat including poultry when you ask what they are.

    You said 'pasta', but it'll be fine if the web site especially mentions about pasta, I think. I'm not sure how the site says..農産物・農産品 is roughly vegetables/cereal/grain.

    Visit also here http://www.food.gov.uk/business-industry/
  4. MeryllB Senior Member

    French -France
    Thanks Tonky and Frequency! I think that "livestock products and pasta", although not the greatest formula in the world, would be the aptest to describe the contents of this category. I am slowly coming to realize that these categories were devised while considering costs (the more categories are created, the more the webdesigner charges) rather than accuracy, so there may not be too much logic to cling to here.
  5. Tonky Senior Member

    Where did this "pasta" come from?
  6. MeryllB Senior Member

    French -France
    Hello Tonky, two threads got mixed up I'm afraid. Pasta is mentionned in a differend thread mentionning a different category name that I'm working on. for 畜産品 I went for the translation "livestock products" in the end. It was either that or "animal husbandry", which does not really make any sense to me. Which do you think is best?

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