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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by ouzhantekin, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. ouzhantekin Senior Member

    Istanbul /伊斯坦堡
    Turkish - Standard
    Hey guys,

    I was reading through some materials in Chinese which tell about Reiki and in many parts the Taiwanese author wrote that Reiki is a 療癒 method by which she means it is a healing method. However when searched in the dictionary I couldn't find those two characters together to mean "heal" or "healing". Even my google pinyin software cannot find "癒" character, it keeps proposing anything but. So isn't this a very common way of saying "to heal" or "healing" in Chinese? If this is how it is said in Taiwan then what about in MC?

    Thanks in advance.

    ps. just to make things easier... how would you say "Reiki is a healing method where you draw the energy from the universe." in Chinese?
  2. schur Junior Member

    Chinese - Mandarin
  3. Lucia_zwl

    Lucia_zwl Senior Member


    I've never heard of "Reiki" or 療癒, but I tried wikipedia "Reiki" and it says 灵气.

    No. In Mandarin Chinese, "to heal", generally, is 治疗,治愈 or 医治.

    This explanation reminds me of "气功" in MC. But I think "气功" is sort of exercise rather than therapy or medical treatment.
    For your sentence, 灵气疗法是从宇宙中吸取能量的一种治疗手段. (Sounds to me a superstition

  4. phill84 Junior Member

    Amsterdam, NL
    Mandarin - China
    it's just a made-up word
    療癒 = (治療/療養)+痊癒

    my impression is that this word is used for spiritual recovery
  5. ouzhantekin Senior Member

    Istanbul /伊斯坦堡
    Turkish - Standard
    Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about, only that I used traditional characters to write. And I can tell that Reiki is different from Qi Gong in many different ways. And as to its being superstitious or not I could say a lot but this is not the right forum to discuss that :) But I should say that science of today has already put forward that we are not all about what we see, there is more to that; so calling Reiki a superstition would be the same as calling atoms, or quantum physics a superstition :)

    Thanks a lot for the translation suggestion. I wonder how come I couldn't think of combining healing and method and using 疗法. :)
    Thanks for separating the word into two. It always helps me learn a lot easier :)
  6. viajero_canjeado Senior Member

    English - Southeastern USA
    That's the 癒 from 癒合 (to heal, recover). Hope that helps a bit.. :)
  7. ouzhantekin Senior Member

    Istanbul /伊斯坦堡
    Turkish - Standard
    謝謝你!!=) that definitely helps!

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