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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by SuperXW, Nov 23, 2011.

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  2. Ghabi

    Ghabi Moderator

    Cantonese (Hong Kong)
    Morning. 發圍, when used intransitively, is like "(one's business/career) prosper/thrive". For example, 香港豆腐潤(=豆腐乾)咁細,想發圍,就一定要衝出香港至得! "Hong Kong is such a tiny place! You need to move out of here if you wanna hit it big!"

    When used transitively (發某某圍), it's like "turn the tables on someone". For example, Meany is the class bully, and Wimpy is one of his regular victims. One day, for some reason that doesn't concern us here, Wimpy decides that enough is enough, and goes to fight Meany. Meany, after giving Wimpy a good beating, rubs it in by saying: 想發我圍?第二世啦! "Wanna get even with me, eh? Fat chance!"

    In your example the judge seems to be saying something like, "Don't you dare to do anything funny before me! I'm a judge after all and I've seen it all!" But his use of the expression doesn't sound very natural to my ears.

    And yes, 撩慶 (慶=熱) means "provoke", but I suspect there's a double entendre here, as the word can also mean "arouse (sexually)".
  3. leduc76 New Member

    Frankfurt, Germany
    Could you please give me the yale and pinyin pronunciation of 撩慶?
    thank you very much!
  4. OneStroke Senior Member

    Hong Kong, China
    Chinese - Cantonese (HK)
  5. Youngfun

    Youngfun Senior Member

    Pekino, Ĉinujo
    Chinese/Italian - bilingual
    I found an explication of 發圍 here. Can Cantonese speakers confirm?
  6. Ghabi

    Ghabi Moderator

    Cantonese (Hong Kong)
    Hello! @ Leduc: that would be lìuh hing in Yale Romanisation. This is an Cantonese expression, so I think it won't make much sense to write it in pinyin. @YF: Yes, there is a disproportionate amount of expressions in HK Cantonese that come from gambling (HK is a city of speculation after all ─ they call it "finance"), but I'm not sure of this one. A similar expression is 起圍; for example, a gangster/politician may threat his enemy, 想起我圍博上位,你都未死過!
  7. OneStroke Senior Member

    Hong Kong, China
    Chinese - Cantonese (HK)
    Is that an allusion to anything? :D

    Anyway, maybe Leduc was referring to Cantonese pinyin.
  8. leduc76 New Member

    Frankfurt, Germany

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