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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by baosheng, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. baosheng Senior Member

    Canada, English

    I have a question about the meaning of the word "绷" in Chinese (which I think normally means "to stretch, to tie, to bind").

    Here is the situation where I heard it:
    In a TV show, there is a guy who gives a girl he likes flowers through a common friend. When the common friend gives the girl flowers, the girl rejects them and says she doesn't like him. Upon hearing this news, the guy says:
    "我在她眼神里边早就读出来了。她喜欢我。她就绷着." (beng1zhe)

    Does 绷着 here have the same meaning as 装? (as in: "she is pretending" or hiding it?) Also, is it 北方话 slang or do people all over China use this expression?

    Thanks in advance/谢谢!
  2. Skatinginbc

    Skatinginbc Senior Member

    Mandarin 國語
    I don't know if it has any special meaning in 北方话. As a southerner, I interpret 绷着 in that sentence the same as the one in 绷着脸, an antonym of "loosen up", meaning "tighten, stiffen" or figuratively "get up tight, behave in a cold way due to, for instance, some bogus propriety".
  3. SuperXW Senior Member

    You are both right.
    It does mean 装 "to pretend" here and it is originated from 绷着 "tighten, stiffen, to stretch...", indicating the girl could be "melted" inside, but still trying hard to hold her expressions...

    Some people say beng1, while others say beng3. I say beng3, but I hear both.
  4. baosheng Senior Member

    Canada, English
    @Skatinginbc and SuperXW

    Thank you both for your help!!
  5. Ivan90 New Member

    Shanghai, China
    hmmm.. In fact, 绷 has 3 kinds of pronunciation, include beng1, beng3 and beng4. And i think there is an great way to feel its meaning. Just feel when you get badaged, that's the feeling of 绷。 In the TV show, it wants to show that the girl is shy and prentend to be calm, but she just loves the boy.
  6. SuperXW Senior Member

    When do we use beng4?

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