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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by YondCassius, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. YondCassius

    YondCassius Junior Member

    Terra Incognita
    English - Australian
    Hello there. I must preface that I cannot speak and do not learn Japanese, though there is a particular 'description',
    as it were, that I am unable to even attempt to translate.

    I am unsure if this is allowed, however what I am trying to translate are two sentences that are in picture format.
    This makes it very difficult for me to even begin trying to decipher it, when you consider the vast amount of kanji
    that exist.

    I'll stop nattering. The image is this one:

    Fallow description.jpg

    The image is a description of a character from the book series 'Deltora Quest'. Or at least, that's what I assume it is.

    Any and all suggestions or assistance would be tremendously appreciated.

    (Do forgive me for titling this topic using the word 'translation'. I could not think of an alternative)
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  2. rei429 Junior Member


    My Attempt is:
    The worst of the worst viper, Never have a direct hand,
    This is a real evil man.
  3. Nobu.0

    Nobu.0 Senior Member

    This is the most treacherous kind of man.
    He never does anything himself.
    Man like this is the real evil.

    *though nothing in the original Japanese says the person being referred to is a man...
  4. YondCassius

    YondCassius Junior Member

    Terra Incognita
    English - Australian
    Oh, thank you both for your translations! They've been very insightful! C:>

    So, are you suggesting the character is referred to using gender neutral terms? Is that particularly common
  5. Nobu.0

    Nobu.0 Senior Member

    right... they don't use a lot of personal pronouns in Japanese in the first place. And when they do, the pronouns are usually gender neutral.

    Here, こういうヤツ is the only pronoun I can find, and this means person like this.

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