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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Clovvach, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Clovvach New Member

    American English

    I am doing a "graphic novel" type book thing for my asian culture project about the Japanese language. I am writing it from right to left page wise, and on the back (or the front to us Americans), I want to right "This is not the front cover," in a formal manner.

    Through research and a Japanese dictionary I have come up with this:


    So far I have found no flaws for it, but I want to double check: Is this correct?

    The word that I am most unsure about is 表紙 (hyōshi) to refer to the front cover of the book.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Schokolade Senior Member

    Yes, we normally refer to the front cover of a book as "表紙(hyōshi)".

    Yes, your sentence is correct ^^ but if you want to sound formal you could probably say like
    "こちら側は表紙ではありません。" (こちら側=this side, 表紙=front cover, ではありません=the polite form of ではない.)
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  3. Clovvach New Member

    American English
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help.

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