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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Raigerzero, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Raigerzero New Member

    English, Algerian Arabic
    That phrase, along with the following phrases are from a story and are spoken by girl that is monologuing with herself about a guy she likes. The last sentense is distinct from the first three, and she is answering the question "You don't have one?". I have put the Japanese sentence [which I hopefully copied down correctly] along with the English [the best English I can come up with as a translation I mean. It can be wrong or incomplete]. Please help me with the translation of these four sentences.

    Translation of title sentence: After I woke up, I saw Kyousuke’s face and thought “Why was it that I thought about and praised that person [aka “him”]”…yet I ostracized/ignored him without thinking about it…

    だって…あんたが あたしの髪に見惚れてたとか…ゲームで興奮したとか…恥ずかしことさらっと言う
    からでしょ!| But…you…doing things like being fascinated by my hair, or getting excited from a game ~~~~[confusing stuff] !

    あたしだけ意地張ってるみたいでバカらしくなかったダケ | I just didn’t want to give in as if I was an idiot.

    うん…最後外に出してくれれば平気 | うん: Yea…last time I went out for that, I was unsettled
  2. YangMuye Senior Member

    Chinese - Mandarin
    Why was I (/have I been?) thinking about and praising him.

    Because....saying something embarrassing without hesitation

    Yeah, I'm all right, if you put it outside finally. (外に出す has many meanings, more context would helpful :)

    Not sure what it means. Is it a complete sentence?

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