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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by MeryllB, May 22, 2013.

  1. MeryllB Senior Member

    French -France

    I am struggling with another word on this food importer’s website.
    They made a category called農産物. This category contains vegetables, frozen vegetable purees, legumes and cereals, mushrooms including truffles, pickles and olives, and fresh made pasta.
    Here is the Wikipedia definition : “農産物(のうさんぶつ)とは、農業による生産物のことである”
    So it could mean ANYTHING produced in a farm.
    Frankly I am quite desperate in the face of so much vagueness.
    I can see how this word was selected : this is the category where they stuffed all the non-meat, non-seafood and non-dairy products.
    But of course “non-meat, non-seafood and non-dairy” is not acceptable it we want this website to look a little professional.
    And there already is an “others” category. This is where all the frozen vegetables, cakes, fruits, sauces, soups and so on are crammed together, so I shouldn’t even dream of finding a proper name for that one if I take the name “others” from it.

    So my best shot would be : Vegetal products and fresh pasta.
    I know it sounds terrible… If you have any suggestions, at this point I’ll take anything. ^^;
  2. Tonky Senior Member

  3. MeryllB Senior Member

    French -France
    Thank you Tonky. This is indeed a litteral translation. But "agricultural products" means, like I said, anything produced in a farm. Which is basically any product this company sells. For example they have a "meat" section that would, according to Wikipedia's definiton of 農産物, also fit under that broad category of "agricultural products". So I must find another way to single out this category. Or maybe I should just accept the fact that this company's way to classify their products does not make any sense and go for that perfectly meaningless but litteral translation...
  4. Tonky Senior Member

    It is really up to you and your client, MeryllB. You should know what your client wants from your "proofreading".
    If it is not really about proofreading and they are expecting you to make your own categories in natural English, then choose whatever you feel appropriate.

    I wouldn't change its original meaning to something different if I were to be proofreading or translating. If it were a website making or assistance my client wants me to do, then I might just pick up whatever word I come up with, but still I would give it a second thought in case the client may start putting new items in each category later, believing the translation says the same thing.
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  5. MeryllB Senior Member

    French -France
    Tonky, thank you for your professional outlook. I realize I should have given more context : this is the company I work for, I am not a trained or even a professional Japanese-English translator but I am the sole Westerner and have the best English, which makes me de facto the in-house translator/proofreader. So if new, unrelated products are inputed in this category, which is unlikey as I don't believe this website will be updated for the 10 years to come, I can think up a different name. I am worried about foreign partners looking at that website, and viewing us as too local because the English sections were clearly written single-handedly by Google Translate. For this reason I am trying to make these sections look a bit more natural AND to make sense. (The dilemma of all translators) In those circumstances I still think "Vegetal products and fresh pasta", while horrible, is the best shot. If there are any other suggestions I'd love to hear them.

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