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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by afx, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. afx Senior Member


    In the Who Is She novel from Steven's Kauffman's site I found following sentence:


    I should mean: So, what does the girl look like?

    All the sentence make sense to me expect the character. As far as I know it means long.
    What does it mean here? Or is English translation incorrect and it should be: How tall is she?

    Thanks a lot for answer
  2. tarlou Senior Member

    长 has two meanings:
    1. (chang2) long;
    2. (zhang3) grow.

    The translation is correct. Here 长 means "grow" and should be pronounced as zhang3. 长得好看 means "looks beautiful". You may interpret the phrase as "the person has grown into a beautiful woman/girl". In Chinese you can also say 她看起来什么样子(what does she look like). However, this is not idiomatic and can be confusing depending on the context. 她长(得)什么样 (what does she grow like) and 她什么样 (what is she like) are the idiomatic phrases for the appearance of a person.
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  3. sesame_fr Senior Member

    tarlou ‘s explication is good

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