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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by kennysgirlfriend, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. kennysgirlfriend New Member


    Do you think that 'created to fight' (when speaking about a human being and about a thing) can be translated into 闘うために創造された?
    What is your opinion?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. animelover Senior Member

    Eastern Germany
    For humans: 叩合うが為に生まれし者。
    For objects: (終焉・破滅)を齎さんがため創造されしモノ。
  3. shin1ro New Member

    Well...闘うために創造された is correct for both humans and things.
    Because 創造する sounds stiff, 生まれた for humans, and 作られた for objects might be chosen if you like.
    創られた and 造られた can be used for humans (created by God) and for objects (rather modern/fancy way of kanji choosing)

    Actually, I'm surprised the animelover's ones are great as translations in ancient Japanese.

    闘うが為に生まれし者 and (終焉・破滅)を齎さんがため創造されし物 are good but the expressions are in ancient Japanese. (終焉・破滅)を齎さんがため創造されしモノ/物 literally means a thing to be created to bring (the end/destruction).

    I'd want to change モノ to 物 unless it's a part of anime or video game things. モノ looks fashionable but flip or lightweight sometimes.
    Also I'd want to change 齎す into もたらす. Kanji writing is not popular and few people understand.

    Anyways, it all depends on the context.


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