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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Pot-Bouille, May 2, 2013.

  1. Pot-Bouille Senior Member

    落第忍者乱太郎の登場人物の一人が雑渡 昆奈門(ざっと こんなもん)という名前ですが、それはダジャレでしょうか。
    I get the feeling that if not written in kanji ざっとこんなもん means something, but I’m not sure what that would be.
  2. Tonky Senior Member

    また面白いものを見つけられましたね:p はい、ダジャレです。忍者乱太郎のキャラクターは、地名かダジャレを使った名前が多いようですね。

    There is something that people consider hard to do. You complete it briefly, (or roughly but quickly), and you boast how well you did it without efforts.
    "How do you like it? Let me dealdo it and it'll be done like this(quick and neat)!"

    ・You go to お祭り with your girl-friend, there is a big crowd of people. You check it out and find that they are playing a shooting game or 射的. "Oh, hey, let me try it!" and you succeed shooting the hardest target toy that everyone else has failed, and you say to your girlfriend, 「ざっとこんなもんだ!」

    ・One Sunday afternoon, a father who has just started a weekend carpenter builds a wooden shelf and shows it to his wife and children and says 「どうだい、ざっとこんなもんだ!」 to impress his family. (In manga, usually an hour later, a mother places a very light stuff on it and it breaks.)

    ・A girl who isn't good at cooking decides to invite her boyfriend for a dinner. She spends a whole day long messing around with the kitchen and somehow prepares a good looking dinner and goes 「ざっとこんなもんよ!」 to herself. (She says it as if she did it so easily. It does not really matter if you actually did it without efforts, but how you look at it. She is trying to tell herself that she can indeed do it.)
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  3. Pot-Bouille Senior Member

    なるほど! 面白いですね。
    Great examples, as always:thumbsup:

    I guess that in French we would say "Vite fait, bien fait" (I did it fast and I did it well) with a boasting tone of voice, maybe with some funny gesture.

    I asked a native US English speaker for a good translation. He came up with the following two:
    Winner winner, chicken dinner! (to be used in a situation like Tonky-san's first example).
    Give that man a five-dollar cigar! (works for all)
  4. Tonky Senior Member

    おぉ~!いいですね。フランス語は初級の最初をかじっただけですが、直訳すると"Quickly done, well done"でしょうか。

    Does "that man" refer to the speaker himself for boasting?


    ところで、「雑渡 昆奈門」と同じ城で「諸泉 尊奈門(もろいずみ そんなもん)」というキャラクターがいます。
    こちらは名字を音読みすると「しょせん そんなもん」となり、「ざっと こんなもん」のに近いニュアンスがあります。
    所詮(しょせん)は「結局は」と同じく "after all" という意味、そんなもん=そんなもの、で、「人生しょせんそんなものだ」「世の中しょせんそんなもんだ」という形で使います。英語直訳なら、"after all, it would always turn out like that" 、物事はそんなにうまくいかないというニュアンスで、失敗(fail)とか、失敗でなくても成功しないという感じの意味です。(Notice the difference between そんなもん and こんなもん?!)

  5. Pot-Bouille Senior Member


    "That man" (or "that woman") refers to the speaker himself.
    Here is a good thread about it: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=765596&langid=6


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