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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by tellitto, May 30, 2013.

  1. tellitto New Member

    Please help me with this sentence!


    Ok, so I don't know what 電雷 means. An online dic says that it's lightning but only per character. So does it mean lightning thunders?
    Then could the sentence that starts with 電雷 to 見舞われ mean "(the speaker) is experiencing a pain that's like a lightning attack" ?

    I would be super thankful for anyone who can help me translate this sentence. Thank you!mis
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  2. Arui Kashiwagi Senior Member

    There is the word 雷電 (yes it's an old synonym for lightning), however 電雷 doesn't exist. It's very likely to be the author's own term coined by him/her.
    Maybe the author wanted to create an original expression like an "electrothunderous" pain or whatever, but didn't want to use 雷電? I feel that 雷電 is kind of a worn-out cliche.

    Yes, exactly.
  3. tellitto New Member

    I see, no wonder it doesn't exist. Thank you Arui Kashiwagi!

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