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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by baosheng, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. baosheng Senior Member

    Canada, English

    I have a question about the expression 非你莫属. I think that it translates to: "you are the one/only you deserve it/only you can do it", right? (--or at least, this is what an online dictionary shows) However, I was having a bit of trouble connecting the individual characters to the expression's meaning (especially for the character "属”). Do the individual characters literally mean "Without you, nothing belongs"?

  2. xuan0824 New Member

    Mandarin Chinese - Taiwan
  3. tarlou Senior Member

    A literal translation:

    (If) not you, (this) does not belong (to anyone).
  4. baosheng Senior Member

    Canada, English
    Thank you both for your helpful replies!
  5. benjamincai New Member

    Hong Kong
    屬=屬於 in this phrase, that is belong
    非你莫屬, you can also say 肯定是你的
    use back the eg in #2 冠軍非你莫屬
    you can also say 冠軍肯定是你拿

    非somebody莫屬 mean a strong sense that somebody will get the describing thing.

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