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Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Ukeboy, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Ukeboy Junior Member

    Ok, I'm not even sure to have written a right sentence right there, on the title xD anyway, I'm in trouble again, and I need help (frequency, if you help me out on this aswell, I think I need to consider you a pal XD) anyway... here we go:


    My problem is always the same: if I can get a transcribed (japanese) text I can work a little better... I'm also without internet these days, and I'm connecting from an internet point... it's a long story, anyway xD can someone help me? If you've got an idea of what this could be, you're welcome in saying it :p if someone is following my posts, it's going on a sort of diary, of dreams/visions... so any help is REALLY appreciated! :D Thank you in advance! :p
  2. frequency

    frequency Senior Member

    Tokyo, Japan



    The text says about a new skin and an old skin. Skin peeling, but not chemically? it seems.
    But I hope you make the skin of your face thicker―つらの皮が厚い―audacious, less sensitive with your present circumstance. Post again if you have something you want to ask, and come back anytime you like!
  3. Ukeboy Junior Member

    Um... this is a bit disturbing... eh :p

    My personal attempt (yours truly helped in understanding) is:

    Regeneration of facial skin

    The skin on the forehead and chin
    peels off slowly,
    under it there is a skin smooth as that of a newborn child.
    I try to pull cheek skin also,
    but here, it does not come off well.

    It's not really good in my opinion, any suggestion is appreciated! :p Thank you again frequency, I'm really considering you a pal after all these months of you helping me out, no jokes!
  4. frequency

    frequency Senior Member

    Tokyo, Japan
    遠慮はいらないよ。You're always welcome!

    Very good. But I humbly suggest you, whose skin? The writer says 'I'm trying to peel..' He or she tries actually. As well, 'the cheek skin doesn't exfoliate/peel off well' (That Japanese sentence suddenly takes the active form) suggests that the skin doesn't do so: the writer can't do so easily. So the cheek skin is his or hers.

    In the first six lines? You might wonder if they explain about the usual, general phenomenon shown in skin peeling or the one done by the writer. It's one done by the writer. 生まれている* suggests the writer sees the (new) skin does/is doing that. Different from using 生まれる, the progressive tense, 生まれている, works to limit/pinpoint the object. So all skins mentioned in this text, they're writer's one.

    *This 生まれている isn't 'to give birth to' or peeling an old skin helps to produce a new skin. I think non-Japanese Japanese users :D can explain better than I do.
  5. Ukeboy Junior Member

    I'll work on it, I based the translation above on a implied subject, meaning that everything is done (active) on the user/dreamer... I'll work a bit on it and see if I can work out something :p
  6. frequency

    frequency Senior Member

    Tokyo, Japan
    Yes, this is like..the writer is doing skin peeling. Sorry I may have explained about 生まれる insufficiently. But I think you can find (sth) 生まれる in a dictionary. I just can't say 皮膚が生まれる(S V) in English (Can you do that in Italian?): his or her new skin is made and has appeared..and he or she is feeling/watching it.

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