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Discussion in '中文+方言 (Chinese)' started by vecair, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. vecair New Member

    Does anyone know what this says or means? Or for that matter what it is, looks like an arm band to me.

    Thanks much!

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  2. AngelinaXD New Member

    It is an arm band with regard to counterrevolution.
  3. tarlou Senior Member

    It seems to be something in cultural revolution, a political movement (interpret it as destroying or civil war) in 1960s-1970s China.
  4. SuperXW Senior Member

    Yes. It has to be a band of the Cultural Revolution era, in which years "rebel" was set as a righteous thing to do according to Chairman Mao's direction.
    Check out "cultural revolution" and "red guard".

    Capital(Beijing)'s staff and workers revolution and rebel headquarter

    (a) revolutionist rebel

    第 ____ 号
    Number ____
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