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Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by vientito, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. vientito Senior Member

    which of these two forms to negate is correct and why?

    (1) 두렵지 말고

    (2) 두려워 말고

    It seems to me form (2) is much more prevalent.
  2. jakartaman Senior Member

    두려워하다(fear, dread) is a verb. 두렵다(be afraid) is an adjective.
    In case of a verb, ~지 말고 works all the time, hence 두려워하지 말고.
    Other examples, 가지 말고, 먹지 말고, 놀지 말고, TV 보지 말고, 공부하지 말고, etc.

    In case of an adjective, you should use ~어 말고 but such a construction is NOT always possible.
    I think the adjective has to have a connection to a state of mind such as 두렵다, 힘들다(feeling something is hard/ difficult).
    When you conjugate a verb or adjective, ㅂ+어 changes to 워 like 줍다(pick up) + 어 = 주워.
    So you get 두려워 말고.
  3. vientito Senior Member

    thank you for your explanation. It clears everything up.
  4. bonbon2023

    bonbon2023 Senior Member

    Another example of adjective 두렵다: '두려운 기색'

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