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Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by vientito, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. vientito Senior Member

    Could someone explain the concept of 초복,중복,말복 & 복날 and what significance and associated activities in korean tradition?
  2. whatiam New Member

    초복, 중복, 말복 are the hottest day of year.
    We celebrate these days by preparing for some food made by chickens or even dogs to rejuvenate the body and increase stamina.
  3. idialegre Senior Member

    Hamburg, Germany
    USA English
    I was under the impression that 개고기 was more of a winter meal. At least that was what I was told in China. Is that wrong?
  4. whatiam New Member

    I have no idea of China, but at least here in Korea, we have a dog regardless of season. not me.. I love puppies..
  5. Kross

    Kross Senior Member

    What whatiam said is right. Dog meat is all season food only for some dog meat people. it is consumed mainly during summer, especially on 복날.

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