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사랑도 아님 멀리

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by panview, May 4, 2013.

  1. panview Senior Member

    할 수 있다면 다른 사랑도 아님 멀리 여행도
    I wonder what the meaning of the above sentence.thanks in advance.
  2. wonlon Senior Member

    Hong Kong
    Chinese - Cantonese
    It looks like the sentence is not complete.
    "If possible, even if it is not a different person, even if it is not a distant travel..."
  3. panview Senior Member

    Thank you.It's from lyrics of TV play 백년의 유산,
    그리움이 커지면 생각이 많아져서 손에 잡히는 게 없나봐
    할 수 있다면 다른 사랑도 아님 멀리 여행도
    다 해보고 싶지만 그대가 떠나질 않아
  4. wonlon Senior Member

    Hong Kong
    Chinese - Cantonese
    If possible, I don't want any other person but you (literally, 다른 사랑도 아님 means "is not another person"). Even I wish to complete a distant travel, I do not (want to) separate from you.

    Lyrics are hard to translate, some words not in the original sentence have to be added.
  5. panview Senior Member

    할 수 있다면 다른 사랑도 아님 멀리 여행도 다 해보고 싶지만 그대가 떠나질 않아
    But I understand its literally meaning is: If possible, not another man's love but rather a distant travel, I can do everything but not separate from you.
    Am I right? 사랑 is not 사람

    Last edited: May 14, 2013
  6. wonlon Senior Member

    Hong Kong
    Chinese - Cantonese
    My eyes mistook 사랑 for 사람. Thanks, you are right.
    할 수 있다면 다른 사랑도 아님 should mean "If possible, I wish it is not another love."

    Actually I met my Korean teacher teacher tonight, he said that 다른 사랑도 아님 feels strange, they don't speak like that. And after 아님 here it should be a full-stop (end of sentence; you can check the use of ㅁ/음).

    As for 멀리 여행도 다 해보고 싶지만 그대가 떠나질 않아 , he said the meaning is strange, especially the part 다 해보고 싶지만.

    He advised (I, too) that it is better to forget it, since lyrics is far different from daily usage.
  7. reineblanc

    reineblanc Junior Member

    Here, '아님' is a shorten/colloquial form of '아니면', which means 'or'.
    As a native speaker my understanding is: "If only I can, I want to seek another love, or to take a trip to somewhere far away; I want to try everything(to forget you), but you just don't leave my heart." If I re-write the given sentence(s) in more formal Korean, it would be: "할 수 있다면 다른 사랑도 해 보고 싶어, 아니면 멀리 여행도 해 보고 싶어, 다 해 보고 싶지만 그대가 떠나질 않아."

    In Korea 'to take a trip' after a heartbreaking experience (so that you can have time to calmly think about yourself and recover from emotional hurts) is a common cliche in songs, movies, TV series, etc. I wonder if it's universal in other cultures? :)
  8. wonlon Senior Member

    Hong Kong
    Chinese - Cantonese
    I feel really enlightened!!
    But I won't be able to solve by myself since I can't check 아님 = 아니면 in the dictionary. I have to tell my teacher (who is from Korea), too. And I wonder if this kind of lyrics is understood my most Koreans, since even my teacher cannot quite understand.

    We can understand that feeling, but as I see, "to take a trip after a heartbreaking experience" does not appear quite often in songs, films, dramas (by the way, Hong Kong's music and TV drama are getting worse and worse).
  9. panview Senior Member

    Than you.At first I understand as you are.But later i met different explanation as Wonlon .Maybe you native speaker is right.
  10. panview Senior Member

    If there is a stop before 아님,its meaning will be much clear.
    할 수 있다면 다른 사랑 ,아님 멀리 여행
    可能であれば、他の愛も、あるいは遠くに旅行も (google translation)
    如果可以的话另一段爱情也好 或者很远的旅行也好

    Or if there is not a stop, 할 수 있다면 다른 사랑 아님 멀리 여행
    Even google translation becomes different, 可能であれば、他の愛でもない限り旅行も

    so a stop bring different understanding.
  11. esue New Member

    As a native Korean with a lot of language-related experience,
    I say panview is right in using a stop.

    "If there is a stop before 아님,its meaning will be much clear.
    할 수 있다면 다른 사랑 ,아님 멀리 여행도"

    Also, 아님 here is definitely 혹은, 아니면 meaning "or."

    내가 할 수 있다면
    다른 사랑도 해보고 싶고,
    멀리 여행도 해보고 싶지만,
    네가 내 마음에서 떠나질 않아서 아무것도 못한다.

    If 아님 is not "or" but a shortened form of "아니다. 아닙니다," the sentence does not make sense at all, not to mention being grammatical.


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