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Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by Girls' Generation, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Girls' Generation

    Girls' Generation New Member

    안녕하십니까 :),

    Why the '습니다' pronounced like (씁니다):confused:

    Examples : 어제 음악회가 좋았습니다 = 어제 음악회가 (좋았씁니다).

    감사합니다 ;)
  2. kenjoluma Senior Member

    Because there is ㅆ in front of 습니다.
  3. Kross

    Kross Senior Member

    According to 국립국어원, the standard pronunciation of 좋았습니다 is [조:앋씀니다]. when ㅆ(쌍시옷) is placed in 받침 발음 in front of constants in the following letter, "ㅆ" should be pronounced "ㄷ".

    (source: https://twitter.com/urimal365/status/484876477419098112 )

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