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어서는 안 된다 & 면 안 된다

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by vientito, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. vientito Senior Member

  2. Yuie New Member

    In this case, yes, they both express the same idea.
  3. jakartaman Senior Member

    하면 안 돼 = 해서는 안 돼
    먹으면 안 돼 = 먹어서는 안 돼
    자면 안 돼 = 자서는 안 돼
    They are the same except the ones on the left are used far more often.
  4. vientito Senior Member

    Thank you much for your clarification
  5. it means 하느님에 대한 생각을 계속해야 한다.

    p.s. 여기서 좌회전하면 안 돼요 should be written 여기서 좌회전하면 안되요.
  6. Yuie New Member

    Oh, 안 돼요 is right. However when we say ~ㅂ니다, it should be written 안 됩니다.
  7. That makes sense, Yuie. 안돼요 is a short form of 안되어요, so we should write 안돼요.

    I agree with you that I was wrong. But, there's no spacing between 안 and 돼요 definitely.
  8. Yuie New Member

    I'm sorry Superhero1- but speaking of spacing, 안 되다 is right when we use it to prevent someone to do something. e.g. '자면 안 돼요', '먹으면 안 된다'.
    We should write 안되다 when we mean it 'to become undesirable state', 'to become pathetic', or something like that. e.g. '자식이 안되는 걸 바라는 부모가 어디 있을까', '고생하는 걸 보니 안됐다'.
  9. Oh, I'm learning today. It is really difficult for me, although I am a native speaker of Korean, because when I was young, my books always said 안돼, therefore the usage of no spacing between 안 and 돼 is stuck in my hunch of spacing.

    Good answer, Yuie.

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