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에이야라 난다

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by panview, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. panview Senior Member

    How can you say 에이야라 난다 in the following sentence in English? and 지화자 means
    祈願豊? How to translate and transliterate the last half of the sentence?
    에헤요 데헤요 에헤요, 에이야라 난다 지화자 좋다
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  2. wikadi Member

    Jeonju, Korea
    에이야라 is an exclamation and has no meaning. 에이야라 난다 means feeling so good that the singer utters an exclamation like '에이야라'. 지화자 isn't composed of chinese character. It's original meaning is 'a song that is sung when the nation is peaceful and the people live in peace, or the sound of such song', and is used in many old Korean folksongs' lyrics to match the rhythm and add to the amusement. 에이야라 난다 지화자 좋다, in total, means feeling very good.
  3. panview Senior Member

    Thank you for your explanation.

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