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Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by karla_12, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. karla_12 New Member

    ex. 700여대의 모형 기차를 볼 수 있다.
    My wild guess would be "generation<-"

    An explanation will be much appreaciated.고마워요

  2. vientito Senior Member

    i think 대 is just a countable unit for 모형 기차. 대 could be used refer to TV set, car and such...

    여 is just a hanja meaning 700 and beyond.

    Strictly speaking, there should be a space between 여 & 대
  3. alohaoe Member

    대 is a unit for counting electrical or mechanical devices and vehicles such as cars, airplanes, computers, bicycles, etc.
    여 means slightly excess in number. 700여 means 700 or more.(701, 710, 733, for example)

    By the way, if you ask "여대 in English" the answer would be women's university. ^^; 여 & 대 here are sino-Korean words and have several different meanings.
  4. karla_12 New Member

    설명해줘서 고마워요^^
  5. karla_12 New Member

    I found a sentence contradicting that 여 is a unit only for counting electrical or mechanical devices

    예: 국경없는 의사회는 현재 3000명의 의사, 간호사와 10,000명 이상의
    자원봉사자들이 함께 활동하고 있다.

    (excerpt from 연세 읽기3)

    Please enlighten me on this. 고마워요^^
  6. karla_12 New Member

    Thanks for reminding me that there should be space between 여 and 대
  7. jpark623 New Member

    English and Korean
    Yes, you're correct in that the usage of 여 isn't limited to counting devices. The suffix is equivalent to "over" in English. So,

    3000 여 명의 의사 = over 3000 doctors.


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