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올드보이 - oldboy

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by puffolola, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. puffolola Member

    South Italy
    Hi everyone! I've just seen the South Korean film 'Oldboy'. In Korean language it should be: "올드보이", is it right? (from wikipedia page: here)
    So, "Oldboy" is a literal translation?
  2. durestudios New Member

    Yep. 올드보이 is the original title. Translated it would be Oldboy..
  3. puffolola Member

    South Italy
  4. durestudios New Member


    I personally don't know. I haven't seen the film, maybe it could have a meaning of its own.
    'Old Man' in korean is 늙은이 and it directly means 'an old fellow'.
  5. bonbon2023

    bonbon2023 Senior Member

    올드보이 is transliteration of Old-boy. There's distinction in nuance between translated 늙은(늙어 버린) 소년 and transliterated 올드보이.
    Transliterated words such as 커버(cover), 블링블링(bling-bling), 팩트(fact), 보이(boy), 영(young)하다, 올드(old)하다 are quite frequent.

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