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우들우들;벌벌;바들바들 & their variants

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by vientito, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. vientito Senior Member

    I am looking to see if there are any subtle differences between all these mimetic expressions with regards to involuntary shivering of the body

    우들우들 (오들오들)

    are they all pretty much referring to the same effect?
  2. Rance Senior Member

    They pretty much refer to the same effect, involuntary shivering of the body.
    I believe they are interchangeable meaning-wise, but I think there's bias in actual usage.
    Below are my speculations, hence I may be wrong.

    People seem to use 후들후들 more often to refer the shivering of limbs, especially legs.
    추운 날씨가 아님에도 후들후들 다리가 떨렸다.

    벌 벌 is usually used to high degree of shivering than 오들오들/바들바들, hence more often used in shivering caused by extreme fear (or cold).
    아버지가 아끼는 꽃병을 깬 아이는 무서워 벌벌 떨기 시작했다.

    I can't tell much difference between 오들오들 and 바들바들.

    I hope someone else can chip in more information.
  3. vientito Senior Member

    Thanks for your insight

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