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Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by dark66, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. dark66 New Member

    "이제 저는 좀 더 넓은 곳에서 일할 준비가 됐습니다"

    이제: now
    저는: I
    좀: a little
    더 넓은 곳에서: more wider place
    일할: is it working?
    준비가 됐습니다: to be prepared

    Combining it together doesn't make any sense. "He was a little finished preparing working on a more wider place."

    Can anyone help me. Thanks.
  2. park sang joon Senior Member

    He made preparations to work in a slightly much bigger place from now on.

    Which pronoun did you mean? - I or He.
  3. Kross Senior Member

    That literally means, "I am now ready to work at a slightly larger workplace""
  4. Sinwave New Member

    South Korean-English
    Hi, dark66,

    Although my bad english, I wish you understand me.

    How about this?
    "이제 저는 좀 더 넓은 곳에서 일할 준비가 됐습니다"

    " Now, He is ready to working to more a bigger working place. "

    The mean about " 일할" is "He will working" it means not now. He says in now, but he talk about the future.

    The Same means, "Now, He can working at more bigger place."

    I wish I was helpful to you.
  5. park sang joon Senior Member

    I'm Korean.
    You don't give other people your wrong knowledge!!
  6. Sinwave New Member

    South Korean-English
  7. park sang joon Senior Member

    I'm so sorry for me interfering.
    Although your English is poor, you can post your question.
    Have a good day^^
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2014

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