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Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by idialegre, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. idialegre Senior Member

    Hamburg, Germany
    USA English
    I read this passage in a magazine:

    "사랑에 빠진다는 건 누구에게나 자기 생애 가장 믿을 수 없이 찬란한 마법이고, 내 의도와 상관 없이 그 사랑이 변해가는, 시들고 죽어가는 모습을 본다는 건 너무도 슬픈 일이라는 점에서."

    I understand all of it except the last word, 점에서. Is that the verb??? I would appreciate any help!
  2. Kross Senior Member

    I think it might not be entirely wrong to view 점(point) here as being short for 관점(a point of view). So that could be translated in English as "looking at this from the point of view that ~". The basic sentence structure of your whole example is that love is something when looking at it from the point of view that love changes, weakens, and dies regardless of my intention.
  3. idialegre Senior Member

    Hamburg, Germany
    USA English
    Ah, I get it now! Thanks!

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