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짧짤하다와 짭짤하다

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by slowlikemolasses, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. slowlikemolasses Senior Member

    English - US
    Is 짧짤하다 a cute way of writing 짭짤하다? Is the pronunciation different?
  2. Kross

    Kross Senior Member

    Generally we do not use 짧짤하다 for a cute way of writing 짭짤하다. Personally I haven’t heard of it. They are pronounced different: /짤짤하다/ for 짧짤하다, /짭짤하다/ for 짭짤하다.

    As you know, 짭짤하다 means twofold. One is slightly salty. Second is used when an income is more than decent. As for the second use, We sometimes pronounce the first two characters of the word, 짭짤하다, in an elongated and stressed intonation for amusement like /짭~짤~하다/ as in 수입이 짭짤하다.

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