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표, counter for votes

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by RadkeRonnie, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. RadkeRonnie Member

    English - USA
    Simple question.

    Is 표 used with sino numbers or native numbers?


    적 팀이 창성 4표 반대 1표로 항복에 동의했습니다.
  2. Stassri Member

    Native numbers.
  3. RadkeRonnie Member

    English - USA
    Thanks! =)
  4. alohaoe Member

    I think, there's a tendency to use native numbers for <= 10, sino & native numbers for > 10.
    Generally, native numbers are preferred for small numbers(<100), sino numbers for large(>100) ones because sino numbers are more simple and clear.
    When the numbers is larger than 100, there's no way to say it with only native numbers. ex: 123표 = 백 스물 세 표 (백=sino)

    아홉 표
    열 표
    열 한 표
    스무 표
    백 마흔 세 표
    이천 육백 일흔 여섯 표

    팔 표(X)
    십 표(X)
    십이 표
    이십삼 표
    백사십삼 표

    To say sino numbers for numbers less than 10 seems awkward, but when you are saying series of different-sized numbers or you want the figures to be articulated, it's acceptable.

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