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    which one is correct: أنا في الثالثة عشر والنصف من عمري؟ أو في الثالثة عشرة والنصف من عمري؟

    I want the rule also plz

    THank you in advance:)

  2. barkoosh Senior Member

    To know the answer, we must know first what is the معدود (the counted object) in the expression. It's obvious here that the معدود is سنة. It's as if you're saying
    أنا في السنة الثالثة...‏
    Now, according to the rules of العدد الترتيبي (ordinal numbers), and since سنة is feminine, it should be then
    أنا في الثالثة عشرة من عمري
  3. natnouta Member

    THank you so much:)
  4. fdb Senior Member

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    But don’t forget that the ordinal numbers 11 to 19 are indeclinable for case. So you read it as: ʼana fī s-sanati th-thālithata ʻashrata ....
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    Can anyone please offer an easy way, if at all possible, to remember/workout how to formulate Arabic numbers taking into account gender of the counted noun. With my memory which is like a sieve, I struggle with the numbers. I am sure I am not alone. I am of course after MSA (Classical Arabic) numbers, not colloquial ones.
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    There is no easy way to remember it, but it is explained in all good Arabic grammars, e.g. in Wright. If it is any comfort to you: 90% of Arabic native speakers get it wrong most of the time.
  7. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    Thank you. I suppose there is no substitute for a hard grind.

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