1. HijaDeChango Senior Member

    england. English

    does anyone know you would translate 'a get away' into spanish
    life in the country provides a get away from the city
    my room is my own little get away from the children

    any ideas
    Thanking You
  2. the_duke_of_doi_tung Senior Member

    Brighton UK
    English U.K.
    a get away es una fuga
  3. lory_k75

    lory_k75 Senior Member

  4. traduttore traditore Senior Member

    una vía de escape?
  5. Manuel G. Rey

    Manuel G. Rey Senior Member

    Válvula de escape
  6. Venezuelan_sweetie

    Venezuelan_sweetie Senior Member

    La Jerusalén de los Suramericanos.
    Venezuela --> Spanish -or something alik
    I'd say "escape". The "little get away" is "escapadita", but as in the one you take with your boyfriend/husband/lover/whatsoever-you-like, you know, "para romper la rutina"

    You have several choices for the "little get away from the children". It's perhaps like "válvula de escape", "escondite", "refugio"... it pretty much depends on what you want to express (a tangible place to hide, or a pshychological relief ;) )
  7. senior writer Senior Member

    Spanish Guatemala

    En general, to get away, es la oportunidad de un retiro. Es una expresión muy usada cuando alguien quiera "escaparse" de vacaciones, especialmente a un lugar más tranquilo.

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