a magnificent catch

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    Hi, I'm watching a TV series, Private Service. And I'd like to know the meaning of the expression in red in the following dialogue between two doctors who are figuring out a patient's diagnosis:

    D1: Fungus. Fungal infection, maybe?
    D2: Titers are high for cocci meningitis.
    D1: Right here in the cortical area. I'll schedule a biopsy for tomorrow.
    D2: You're gonna do brain surgery?
    D1: My way is faster and definitive.
    D2: All signs point to a fungal infection, which, if you don't mind me saying, was a magnificent catch.
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  2. donbeto

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    En este caso, diría ... descubrimiento magnífico o observación magnifico
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    algo como «¡Que estupendo que te distes cuentas/ que lo pescastes!» En realidad no hay una frase hecha en español comparable (que yo sepa).
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  4. semillas Senior Member

    Hi, thanks, but I don't think it's "descburimiento". She's not discovering anything, she's just sort of guessing...

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