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A se consuma.. "vezi baza cutiei"

Discussion in 'Română (Romanian)' started by adigiampaolo, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. adigiampaolo New Member

    A se consuma de preferinţă înainte de: vezi baza cutiei. Canthe bit in bold be shortened in Romanian and still make sense as in "see the bottom of the pack".
    Many thanks
  2. farscape mod-errare humanum est

    Ottawa, Canada
    Makes sense, to me, as long as the information is printed at the bottom of the box/pack's side wall and not on the bottom cover/lid.


  3. mira ceti

    mira ceti Junior Member


    "Vezi pe cutie/ sticla/ ambalaj etc" (traslation word by word : see on the box/ bottle/ cover etc ) and not "vezi baza cutiei" .
  4. farscape mod-errare humanum est

    Ottawa, Canada

    "See the bottom of the pack" literally translates as "vezi la baza cutiei/pachetului/ambalajului". On top of that, again, a quick Google search gives you quite a few hits for "vezi baza cutiei". A better translation would be "citește/vezi la baza cutiei" but as space and printing on a pack are at a premium, the condensed form should definitely work.



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