1. DevoraHarris Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish from Spain
    Talking about learning a second Language. So the context is educational or lingüistic. I'll write one full sentence:

    As far as the term 'Comunicative Competence' is concerned, it generally seems to mean, in the context of language teaching and learning, 'ability to perform' or 'ability to communicate'. When we talk about communicative competence, we are really talking about communicative performance.

    Entiendo que hay una diferencia entre perform y communicate pero no la veo. ¿Puede alguien arrojar algo de luz, please?
  2. Sprachliebhaber Moderator

    USA English
    Perform here is to perform activities, do a job. One may be able to do these with an imperfect knowledge of the language, a limited ability to communicate in other areas.
  3. SolAguila

    SolAguila Senior Member

    Pues, ability to perform es decir, la habilidad con que un individuo realiza las tareas, se trata de desempeño o sea de rendimiento de un individuo.

    A ver.
  4. DevoraHarris Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish from Spain
    No sé. Yo creo que el contexto no se sale del area lingüistica, de la enseñanza de una segunda lengua, nada que ver con realizar tareas ni actividades. ¿cómo entendemos si no, comunicative performance?

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