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accogliere con tutti gli onori

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Irilla87, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Irilla87 New Member

    Salve :eek:
    avrei bisogno di un suggerimento su come tradurre l'espressione "accogliere con tutti gli onori". Ho cercato nel forum ma mi sembra di non aver trovato nulla di simile...mi scuso se non dovessi aver visto bene.
    La frase per intero è:

    " Re Ferrante rivolgendosi ai baroni, dopo essere stato accolto con tutti gli onori “..li riprese amichevolmente, [...]"

    il mio tentativo è:

    "King Ferrante, after being welcomed with all the honours, addressed to the barons and "scolded them in a friendly way, [...]"

    Mi date una mano?
    Esiste un'espressione specificatamente inglese per accogliere con tutti gli onori?
    Grazie tante. :D
  2. elfa

    elfa Senior Member

    Bath, England
    Um... I don't think so. This means to have the red carpet rolled out for him, metaphorically speaking, doesn't it?

    After having been given a right royal welcome, King Ferrante turned to the barons and reproached them playfully

    PS A thought - is the King at his own court? In which case maybe something like
    After his subjects/court had given King Ferrante a right royal welcome, he turned to the barons...
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2013
  3. Irilla87 New Member

    Thanks a lot elfa!!
    No, King Ferrante isn't at his own court in this case...I had caught the metaphorical sense of the sentence, but I couldn't find any English expression to convey that.
    So, thank you very much!!

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