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Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by Rory27, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Rory27

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    I'm translating an accounting/tax proposal into Spanish, but I have some doubts regarding the exact term that proposal should mean in Spanish. My attempt:
    "Propuesta de Contabilidad e Impuestos" or "Oferta para realizer contabilidad e impuestos".
    A company is sending this proposal to help a person with all proceedings and activities with the Mexican IRS and taxes. Thanks in advance!
  2. jcwoos Senior Member

    Podrias pensar en ¨Propuesta de servicios relacionados con Contabilidad e Impuestos.¨
  3. Rory27

    Rory27 New Member

    Spanish & English
    ¡Mil gracias! :)

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