ad Pontem.

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    Dear all,
    I translate a book by Francis Grose “The Antiquities Of England And Wales” and have come across a phrase in Latin.

    De pixidib. omnium sanctor. in eccles, St. Margaret et Capellis St. Nicholai et St. Jacobi una cum Capella Beatæ Mariæ ad Pontem. 6s. 4d.

    Could someone help me out with “ad Pontem.” please? I take it's again a corruption (misrendering) of the original. My guess it means "for the pay 6 shillings and 4 pence".
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    Capella Beatæ Mariæ ad Pontem = the Chapel of St Mary on the Bridge (as described in Scholiast's link).
  4. AlexanderIII

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    Thank you very much, Scholiast and Fdb!

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