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After having called me

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by Andreas24524, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Andreas24524 Junior Member


    How would you say "After having called me, he began..."?
    "Después de haber llamádome, empezó..."

    ¿Sería correcto? Is it possible to put the 'me' in any other place of the sentence?

    Thanks. :)
  2. phantom2007 Senior Member

    spain, Spanish
    not really: "después de haberme llamado,..."
  3. chamyto

    chamyto Senior Member

    Burgos, Spain
    You may read this kind of construction in archaic Spanish, but what we say is "después de haberme llamado..."
  4. donbeto

    donbeto Senior Member

    Vancouver (Canada)
    I agree with my two Spanish colleagues, definitely. Yours is not wrong, but it's not the way they say it.

    To answer your other question, you could put the "me" up front:

    Después de me haber llamando.

    You have a choice of where to put object pronouns in this case, the gerund (ando, iendo) A second instance where you can do this ss the infinitive. For example, you could say

    Después de me llamar instead of llamarme.

    The third case where you can (must) attach the object pronoun to the verb is the (positive) command form. Here, there is no choice, it must be attached.
  5. chamyto

    chamyto Senior Member

    Burgos, Spain
    I can't say if this is wrong at all, but it sounds weird and awkward to my ears.
  6. phantom2007 Senior Member

    spain, Spanish
    Después de "me llamar" suena imposible modernamente. Tal vez en poesía castellana antigua y por exigencias de rima y ni siquiera estoy seguro.

    "Después de me haber llamando" es erróneo. "llamando" es gerundio y lo correcto sería "llamado", participio del verbo.

    Pero hay un ligero matiz: yo diría "de me haber llamado", solo en el caso que siga un acción inesperada o sorprendente, un cambio de idea, arrepentimiento, etc. También se podría usar sin mucho rechinar en el caso directo que nos ocupa, pero creo que no a la inversa, es decir, para "después de llamarme" yo esperaría una acción lógica y esperable como es la original de este hilo.
  7. Andreas24524 Junior Member

    Gracias a todos!

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