agiter ses neurones

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  1. jojo4 Junior Member

    Bonjour tout le monde.

    comment traduiriez-vous "j'agite mes neurones".
    C'est un petit personnage d'animation qui prononce ces paroles et qui s'empresse ensuite de secouer sa tête dans tous les sens !

    Merci pour votre aide !
  2. xiancee

    xiancee Senior Member

    I'm shaking my brains" or "giving my brain a shake"?
  3. Flynnzane Senior Member

    french, english
    I'm shaking my neurons ... simply?
  4. Purdster New Member

    English, UK
    Is this a normal expression in French?

    I'm trying to translate La Malédiction by Gérald De Palmas and there's a line that says "Tout ça agite mes neurones". I thought this might mean "All of that get's on my nerves" but would nerfs or énerver not be used normally?

    The verse is like this:
    "Tokyo manque d'oxygène
    Mexico c'est plus à la peine
    Destruction de la couche d'ozone
    Tout ça agite mes neurones"

    Full lyrics at: www

  5. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    That scrambles my neuron[e]s.
  6. Wopsy

    Wopsy Senior Member

    The garden of Ireland
    English - Ireland
    'I'm just shaking up my brain cells' / 'I'm just giving my brain cells a good shake'
  7. Alabèlétoile Junior Member

    Yes it is. It means "this makes me think a lot"

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